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Lindblad Expeditions Partnership

Greetings from New York and Colorado!

We’d like to share with you some exciting news: on May 4, Lindblad Expeditions purchased an equity stake in Natural Habitat Adventures, combining what we feel is the most iconic brand in expedition cruising with one of the world’s most respected land-based nature tour operators. It’s a partnership that makes so much sense, and we wanted to share some details with you.

For us, as presidents of the two companies, the partnership is particularly synergetic. We have known each other and collaborated for years, and we consider each other friends as well as colleagues. We share an ethos and a passion for exploration and discovery, and we both vigorously pursue travel as a means of conservation. Though we came to this industry through very different routes – Sven via Switzerland and Africa with camera in hand and Ben via New Jersey and New Hampshire where he was an admittedly mediocre school teacher – we also have a lot in common.

On a very basic level, one could say that our new partnership makes sense because Lindblad operates on water and Nat Hab primarily does land, and to a degree, that is true. But the logic goes much deeper than that. We’ve spent a combined 80 years creating unique and meaningful travel experiences, finding those rare undiscovered areas around the globe or changing the way we explore those areas that have already been discovered. Innovation has been a core competency at our companies and, going forward; we will put our heads together in the pioneering spirit that led each of us to enter the adventure travel field so long ago. When it comes to the creation of inventive and inspiring travel products, our guests will soon see that the whole truly will be greater than the sum of its parts.

Also not to be lost in this deal is the meaningful impact our collaborative work will have on preserving the planet and its inhabitants. Our ground-breaking conservation partnerships – Lindblad’s agreement with National Geographic runs through 2025 and Natural Habitat Adventures just extended its exclusive partnership with WWF through 2023. Both partnerships allow our guests to benefit from the broad scientific knowledge that is unique to each of these highly respected organizations and serve to enhance the positive economic effect of sustainable tourism on local communities. Our mutual vision for the future of travel includes a concentrated focus on conservation.

Since you likely represent both of our companies in the travel industry community, we’d like to convey to you what our new partnership is not, and that is a merging of our businesses. Each company pursues our individual agenda very well, and we will continue to focus on just that. We will maintain two totally separate brands and two entirely different operations, with Lindblad remaining in New York and Seattle and Natural Habitat Adventures staying in Boulder, Colorado. You will continue to work with each of our companies individually just as you have in the past, and continue to work with each of us as separate entities. Lindblad Expeditions and Natural Habitat Adventures have a lot in common, to be sure, but we are not jeopardizing our individuality and hard-won loyalty by combining operations.

So, there you have it. We hope this brief explanation helps shed some light on the background and purpose of this exciting new partnership. We are very much looking forward to our future together and with the travel industry community at our sides.

Yours in discovery,

Sven Lindblad and Ben Bressler